About Us

About Us

We, the Uyghur Information Center (UIC) team, are a large group of highly educated Uyghur intellectuals, scholars, and professionals living and working in the United States and many other countries around the world. We are well connected to thousands of reliable information sources related to Uyghurs. The UIC team is collectively proficient in English, Uyghur, Chinese, Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and all Central Asian languages.

We jointly founded the UIC for:
• providing trusted sources of information on Uyghurs to reporters, governments, and communities around the world.
• giving right and practical guidance to the Uyghurs in diaspora.

Through building sound relationships with right-minded humanitarian and human rights institutions in the United States and around the word, we can make a positive impact in ending the Chinese government’s genocide on Uyghurs and helping the Uyghur people in East Turkestan (so-called “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China”) regain their basic human rights and freedom to live as normal human beings.

To better educate the world on the issues of the Uyghur culture, identity and lives are currently facing, we:
• provide verified Uyghur related information (which has not been published or reported in any news or media outlets) to reporters, media outlets, governments, and communities around the world.
• collect and compile the Uyghur related information published in China and get it ready for reporters and media in the free world to use and reference.
• post some of the collected information on our website and provide the details to the interested parties including reporters, media outlets, government organizations, and communities around the world.

To better guide the Uyghurs in diaspora, we:
• explain the world’s views on the Uyghur issues, analyze and debate the possible future developments, and help the Uyghurs to understand the world.
• promote Uyghur history, culture, heritage and the Uyghur identity to increase confidence and ethnic pride of the Uyghurs in diaspora.
• monitor China’s treatments on Uyghurs and find the leading indicators for further destruction of Uyghur culture, identity and lives. Meanwhile, inform the Uyghurs in diaspora of the major developments around the world to help them keep up with the rest of the world.


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