UIC News

Week Ending 24 Aug 2021

A message to the Uyghur Information Center on August 23, 2021, stated that many young Uyghur children have been brought to the northern part of East Turkestan and distributed to residents in counties/districts including Mongolkore, Tekes, and Yildiz. The adopting families receive these children on the condition that they do not inquire about the children’s origin and other personal information. Although all of these children are Uyghur, the adopting family could be any ethnicity. It is said that 5,000 yuan (US $770) will be given to each adopting family for per child, however the children will be managed by schools they attend. These Uyghur children report the day-to-day activities of their adopted homes to the school or the teacher asks the children about the situation at home. These circumstances have worried Uyghur families who have adopted them. It is speculated that the children were brought from southern areas of East Turkestan and that their parents may have been killed in the camps.