UIC News

Week Ending 25 June, 2021

1. China is cracking down on Uyghurs’ phones

A message to the Uyghur Information Center on June 19, 2021, said that the police investigations of Uyghurs’ phone activities on the streets in Urumqi and China other cities is still ongoing, and that the police would return back the Uyghurs’ phones as if it just came out of the factory after checking them. The purpose is to prevent Uyghurs from sending photos or videos to the Uyghurs abroad to provide evidence.

2. The Chinese People’s Congress in Xinjiang has passed a bill containing counter measures toward international condemnation of China’s human rights abuses

The government has started implementing the policies in the bill by organizing forced study sessions in every part of Xinjiang villages every evening from 7 to 9. In this bill, the most important part that would directly impact our people is that Uyghur people in East Turkestan should encourage their relatives abroad to form very close relationships with the Chinese consulates where they reside, and that it will legally protect those Uyghurs abroad who would tell the world that Uyghurs back home are living happily in peace, and also the government would forgive their past wrongdoings . As a result, recently a couple of people bought return tickets to Beijing, through the Chinese Consulate in Istanbul. We found out that a female owner of a certain Uyghur restaurant in Istanbul is among them.

3. It has been confirmed that Qin Chuanguo will step down

In order to alleviate the pressure from international community Chinese government has decided to dismiss their own appointee to East Turkestan — the killer, Qin Chuanguo from his position in July. His hands are filled with the blood of innocent Uyghurs in East Turkestan.

4. The funeral of a retired senior teacher in Jing County was held in Han Chinese tradition

The policy of secularization in East Turkestan has intensified. This retired senior teacher had taught many years in Jing County. After he died, the government did not allow people to offer funeral prayers, nor his body was allowed to be washed per religious ritual. The funeral was forced to take place in a Han Chinese funeral home. The veteran teacher was dressed in a school uniform with make-up on and placed in a hall for viewing. The relatives, neighbors and colleagues said their final goodbyes according to Han Chinese ritual at the funeral home.