UIC News

Week Ending 5 June, 2021

Chinese government announced that it will take strict measures in punishing Uyghurs for contacting foreigners

A message to the Uyghur Information Center on May 28, 2021, stated that in meetings in Aksu prefecture of East Turkestan it was announced that government officials would take urgent action on the telephone communications and that anyone who communicates with foreigners would be severely punished regardless of what was talked about.

Chinese government is urgently relocating people to Urumqi

A message to the Uyghur Information Center on June 1, 2021, stated that recently Chinese government has made it very easy for Uyghurs to relocate from other parts of China to Urumqi city. If someone buys a house, they can relocate the residency of the whole family very quickly to Urumqi. The reason for such an urgent population transfer to Urumqi might have to do with making Urumqi look more populated with Uyghurs to the international investigators.